From the Founder and Artistic Director of Festival Theatre Ensemble

To our dear patrons, 

For twenty-two years FTE has lived the dream. With your help, we have toured Northern California with one of the largest moveable Shakespearean platforms in the nation, providing three main stage productions in repertory to multiple venues every summer.

Now, my Board of Directors and I find that it is time to end that dream. Several factors have converged to make this decision inescapable. Some are financial, some are personal. 

As sad as it was to take our final bow on closing night, we feel that we ended our dream at the top of our game: three sparkling productions, wonderful audience responses, and a sense that our company members will continue to have a life-long friendship.

I would like to thank all of our Sponsors and Donors for their great help over the past seasons...and this season. Your aid has helped us to present at the level of excellence that we required of ourselves. Also, this season, it has enabled us to take that final bow with our heads held high...and 'in the black'.

What does the future hold? FTE will remain a non-profit entity. We will continue to maintain this website and keep everyone informed of new developments. After a well deserved rest, we will start to dream a New Dream. It is our hope that all of you will be a part of that dream when the time comes. 

For now, let's all enjoy the memories, for...

"We are such stuff as dreams are made on" - The Tempest
"Here our play has ending" - Pericles, Prince of Tyre
"Hip Hip Huzzah!" - The Adventures of Cyrano! 

Till we meet again, 

Bruce W. De Les Dernier
Founder / Artistic Director
Festival Theatre Ensemble 

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